Sunday, 10 October 2010

Banking and Student Debt

Banking and Student Debt
In this article I have given advice on how to avoid student debt, it ranges from getting a part-time job to spending less on party drinks! Also it is important not to buy into the freshers week bank sales pitch!

Happy Man Bottle Opener

Happy Man Bottle Opener

Here is a product review I did for a very funny and useful invention. The Happy Man bottle opener, corkscrew vand bottle stopper is the ideal item on the shopping list for this years Christmas Parties!

Yahooo - Yaho Yaho off to work we go!

In this article I wanted to make a humorous reference to the popular search engine Yahoo, I think it is extremely user friendly although my hub refers to how millions of Yahoo users make the mistake of misspelling it Yahooo each month.
Yahooo - Yaho Yaho off to work we go!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Cheap Hotel Reviews

I know many people can't afford to stay in expensive hotels and I know about a fair few chain name hotels near my home, so I thought it would be interesting and useful if I produced a webpage which helps others choose where to stay before they go on vacation.

Here I have included all of the popular UK motel chains and given previous customer advice and stories. I have also made this article fairly humorous for ease of reading, so enjoy the descriptive photographs!

Dating Advice for Men

I had great fun here getting a lot of things off my chest about my past experiences with dating girls I really liked. I wanted to show how I changed from geeky introvert to having regular girlfriends without having to comprise who I really was.

I begun the article talking about how I did everything wrong, giving women all the attention when the really they see this as a weakness even though naturally you would expect them to like this. You will find it interesting how I got out on the scene but also use films as a reference to remember how to conduct myself.

Web Designing Job Interviews

This article was about a subject which is very close to my heart because web designing is a passion of mine, I wanted to give other fellow SEO developers, blog writers and designers the information that could be useful when applying for a web designer position.

Here you will find tips on how to behave during an interview and also things to talk about as well as questions you can ask. I have included screen shots of web pages I have presented in a A5 size carrying portfolio. Remember to use precision when cutting the images with a craft knife and use spray glue to place them correctly on your black backgrounds.

Slot Machines - Gambling Addiction

In this article I wanted to give gamblers a resource where they can read how other fruit machine users have turned from spending the occasional few bucks when on a night out to using half their wages on the weekend!

Gambling machines can be terribly addictive especially since there are always new 'themed' ones being installed at drinking venues, the quick thrill of winning a few notes becomes a thirst to achieve that jackpot which is already set at slim odds by the built in sensors.