Thursday, 30 September 2010

My Toshiba Satellite Laptop

In this article I was extremely excited to give a review of my brand new Toshiba laptop computer. Until 2 months ago I had been using a traditional desktop pc and now I can lounge about on my bed working or even do some link building whilst I'm sat in my car at the mall car park!

If you are looking for a business laptop which can perform demanding tasks such as running multiple programs without affecting system performance, please checkout my article dedicated to the Toshiba Satellite C650-15C

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Facebok, Facebookk, Faceboook!

Once again I tried to make a humorous article to give an explanation why millions of people accidentally end up on a site which impersonates Facebook. Many people type the words Facbook, Facebok, Faceboook or Facbook login every month and are directed to site which publicise prize draws.
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If you would like to know about various websites which could harm your PC if your not careful when searching for Facebook, checkout my original article below.

Make Money Blogging

Ask Jeeves Questions & Answers

In this article I wanted to promote the website which is less popular than the leading search engines Google and Bing but has its own elite following who prefer the etiquette of having their own butler/valet retrieve information for them.
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For more information including the history, design structure/algorithms, pros & cons and where to obtain Jeeves merchandise please checkout my original article:

Yutube and Yotube Videos

In this blog post I wanted to make a humorous attempt at reviewing the various websites millions of you land on by accident each month when searching for the popular entertainment website Youtube.
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In this article I review certain websites with names such as Yotube, Yutube, Yuotube and YoTub in an attempt to educate people on particular scams which present themselves like a genuine music resource. See my full article here:

Great Celebrities with Dyslexia

In this article I wanted to highlight the fact that Dyslexia is not a condition that limits a persons intelligence and very often it is the geniuses that overcome it who teach us the greatest lessons.
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In the article linked below I have included 10 of my favorite dyslexics which includes rock musicians, actors, scientists, sportsmen and artists. There is also an online test to determine whether you may also suffer from some degree of dyslexia.