Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pattaya News and Pattaya Forum

In this article I wanted to talk about beautful Pattaya city, I recently returned from Thailands premier beach resort and I had to share my adventures since I not only enjoyed meeting the Pattaya bar girls and nightclubs but I also saw some beautiful landmarks.

Pattaya is a majority Buddhist community and many of the Pattaya girls you meet will have small necklaces with Buddha charms on them, I was lucky enough to have a holiday romance with one and she took me to see the big Buddha on the mountain. (See pics)

However Religous landmarks were not the only sites to be visited, there is also Bangkok which is only an hour and a half away by Taxi. In Bangkok there are obviously many things to see including temples but we chose to have a boat trip around the massive canal and river system.

Along the boat ride I saw where the Kings boat is kept and his Majesty is a prominent theme around the capital. There are many billboards showing the King in all his glory, you must even stand in honour of the King at the cinema.
On our way around the canal system we even fed some catfish, they were huge and fighting over the bread we bought from a merchant boat. Apparently the poor locals were'nt allowed to catch these because they were next to a sacred temple.

Another place you may like to visit is only 20 minutes Baht bus ride away from North Pattaya? road and this is the Sanctuary of Truth temple.It is not inhabited by monks and was only built around 10 years ago and remains constantly being updated with new sculptures. It has thousands of wooden carvings of Buddhist characters and looks like something out of Mortal Kombat and inside you can say a prayer at the shrines.

For a more active adventure I suggest another location called 'Elephant Village' which is also only 20 minutes drive via Baht Bus.

Here you pay 1000 Baht each person and can have a romantic elephant ride around the surrounding countryside, its a little bumpy but you see the beautiful Thailand butterflies as you pass through the trees and it even walks through a nearby lake. Hold onto your mobile phone!

If you would like to see more of my journey including videos and photos of the food we eat, please checkout my website