Monday, 22 March 2010

My Online Writing Experiences

My Beginnings with Online Blogging

In this article I basically wanted to introduce myself to Blogger and get a feel for how to create my writings here in a respectable manner. I already have a large selection of articles on another writer's community online and that is Hubpages, but it is time to broaden my audience and join the Blogger phenomenon. I imagine many others on Blogger use hubs also but I started out at that site because I never really got the hang of Blogger last time I was here. Now I am here and have a four month experience of blogging 'under my belt' I feel a lot more confident and believe that I can captivate some readers attention, although I do feel a bit 'snowed under' with all my other ventures such as my personal website and my SEO self tutorial. Last Photo

Since this is my first Blog, it leaves my with that nagging insecurity you always get when you start something new, 'Will I succeed?', 'Will my topics be interesting to other readers?' and also 'Will I achieve the hard work needed to generate traffic and followers?'. I know it will take me a long time to produce as much work as I have down on other blogging sites but I will keep telling myself that this is what I enjoy doing and anything worth having is worth striving for, bearing in mind this will be my second successful blog.
I have learnt many useful things during my 4 month publishing endeavour, things such as ways to layout your articles in a way which is professional, crediting any quotes or pictures you may use, third party sites which offer materials for researching and basically helping me to brush up and improve from my essay writing skills gained whilst in university. Last Photo

In my previous articles I would like to write about anything that interested me, although I did know about affiliate programs which allowed you to generate revenue whilst writing. I started to learn all of the tips such as keywords, highest paying click-through rates and signed up for a Google AdSense account. I think through learning these Internet marketing tips it didn't constrain the inspiration within my expressiveness, rather encourage me to break from my boundaries and explore topics I wasn't familiar with and give my own unique opinion on subjects which were coincidentally worth more in terms of revenue. Photo Right:

I really hope this blog has been a good introduction to how much effort and the type of writer I am, I hope I don't appear to be lacking in knowledge about Blogger. I put a lot of commitment into my work and hope to progress here within the near future, I am making this my second home in terms of a free blog. I think this article is also valuable because it can explain to amateur writer's how to proceed when researching 'how to blog', as it shows how there are numerous places to begin on the web but as long as you establish yourself in all 'playing fields' with dedication, you can make a name for yourself as time passes.
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So as I come to a close of my blog beginnings, I would like to mention something that is sincerely important to me and that is 'sense of belonging' and 'respect' that can be shown within the best blogs. I think forums are an ideal place to exchange opinions without people getting overly worked up when a debate breaks out. Your articles are a place you can really express yourself without feeling the pressures of everyday life, your own escapism and something you created of your own.
When I set myself down to even think right it's time to 'make blog', I first think 'design blog' and I set about doing this by collecting my creative commons photos from flickr or which ever site has photos for reuse. This allows my emotions to be gathered, there is so much more that can be expressed instantaneously through a picture and you won't find yourself stuck for words because they will just spring to mind.
This is My Blog ! This is My Persona, I hope you don't feel shy to come and follow and hear what I have to say!

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