Sunday, 11 April 2010

Men's Hairstyles & Gel's

In this article I have decided to talk about something that is important to all men who want to be on top of there game and that is maintaining your appearance.
One thing in particular which can be troubling for men to keep looking smart is our hair, its obviously not as hard to prepare our hairstyle as it is for women but there are still things we need to consider.
I have listed 3 hairstyles which are quite popular amongst men and then included pictures of hair gels which are the best for giving it that quality finish.

Firstly I included the photograph of the man with several inches of hair, this type of hairstyle is what you call the 'messed up' look and can be hard to maintain when getting older because hair starts molting onto pillows, so show some sympathy girls if we choose a short look. Ideally you would want to use something like a moose or creme such as the Pantene 'scrunched' effect one which is pictured below.
I suggest these products for hair that length because you don't want big clumps of hair sticking together, you want them to appear naturally gathered. You can always use a hairspray once you achieved the shape, this will make it stay in place and also won't make it look greasy.

The second photo shows a shorter haircut, this is more similar to my style because it has a longer fringe which can be brushed across without hanging down in the eyes. For this hairstyle I use a clay or wax. You can rough it up a little from the back, remember to use the palm of your hand in a circular motion because your can achieve more close nit spikes then. Use the clay then to define the spikes, a good example of what a clay looks like is the little 'crew' tin in the photo below, I personally use V05.

Lastly in the photo to the right we can the lad with the shortest hair which gel can be applied to. I say this because it is literally gel you want for these spikes, they will be so small that you will want them to appear clumped and you will need something sticky to hold them together. Gels come in many different varieties such as 'firm hold', 'wet look' and 'extra firm hold', remember not to by cheap from bargain shops because these usually include silicone which attaches to your hair strands and damage hair.

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